vSphere with Tanzu Homelab - Deploy Workloads

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After following William's Blog Post 'Complete vSphere with Tanzu homelab with just 32GB of memory!' I run in some trouble deploying some pods using helm.

So after some research if found the amazing blog posts from Anthony:

After playing around with them a little bit I was able to deploy some workloads that are not just doom ;-)

All my changes to the files can be found in my GitHub Fork of William's repository:

So after following William's guide we just have to run the following commands:

 1kubectl-vsphere login --server= -u administrator@vsphere.local --insecure-skip-tls-verify 
 2kubectl config use-context ben-on-vms
 3kubectl apply -f tkc.yaml
 4kubectl-vsphere login --server= -u administrator@vsphere.local --insecure-skip-tls-verify --tanzu-kubernetes-cluster-name ben-tkc-01 --tanzu-kubernetes-cluster-namespace ben-on-vms
 5kubectl config use-context ben-tkc-01
 6kubectl patch storageclass tanzu-storage-policy -p '{"metadata": {"annotations":{"storageclass.kubernetes.io/is-default-class":"true"}}}'
 7kubectl patch storageclass tanzu-storage-policy -p '{"metadata": {"annotations":{"storageclass.kubernetes.io/is-default-class":"true"}}}'
 9kubectl apply -f justwork-psp.yaml
10kubectl apply -f justwork-clusterrole.yaml 
11kubectl apply -f justwork-rolebinding.yaml 

Most of the work here was done by Anthony and William so thanks guys!